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Advanced Research Training (ART)

The Advanced Research Training (ART) workshop is an interactive workshop designed to encourage, support, improving participants research aptitude, to assist and provide important information to advanced research. ART concentrate on tools for organizing, managing, publishing, and presenting your research. This workshop is an opportunity for both shaping and advancing higher research education.


At the end of the A.R.T. workshop, the participant faculty should be able to:

  • Describe the prerequisites for and fulfil requirements for a PhD degree
  • Inculcate the participants attitude towards higher education research
  • Describe the guidelines for undergraduate research practices
  • Inculcate the norms of collaboration in their research practice
  • Describe the necessary conditions required for research visibilty, collaboration and publications


Dr. Manish Kumar Asthana (Research Scientist)
Prof.Sivakumar Krishnan (Dean)
Invited external facilitator–Dr. RaviKumar Reddy (SVCP, Bhimavaram)