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Creative Spaces

The training workshops and presentations are held in the creative spaces listed below. These spaces are designed to optimize interaction of participants with each other and easy access to media, books and technology as well as enabled for remote lecturing and presentations. These spaces are managed by an Administrative Officer

  • Auditorium with Video/Audio facility with seating for 124
  • Interactive Studio with 60″ wide LED TV with seating for 65
  • Discussion Room for Training with seating for 40
  • Wi-Fi Campus with Computer Lab for online assessments and training with seating for 40
  • Video recording room for online video lectures and presentations
  • Library stocked with latest books on Education, Leadership, Psychology and Engineering

Energy & Utilities

Since water and energy resources are precious, VEDIC strives to be self-sufficient in water usage as well as use renewable energy sources.

  • Solar water heating facility
  • Water softener plant for hard water conversion
  • 650kl sewage treatment plant for water recycling for gardening purpose
  • 30 KiloWatt Solar PV System (in development)

Recreational Spaces

VEDIC has indoor and outdoor recreation facilities for use by the participants and also has a residential Physical Director to provide support.

  • Indoor Sports – Table tennis, Carroms, Chess
  • Outdoor Sports – playground with volleyball court and Shuttle court and tennikoit

Safety Features

During the period of the programmes, participants are to be hosted safely.

  • 24/7 surveillance with security
  • Fire extinguishers and First Aid kit for safety
  • A car and a two wheeler are always available in campus for emergency use