November 11, 2018 by

Leadership In Teaching And Learning (LTL)

Leadership in Teaching and Learning is a case-based interactive workshop designed to empower and support educational leadership through an understanding of organizational culture and leadership styles and strategies. In this workshop, the role of an academic head will be discussed as a bridge between the administration and management on the one side and faculty and students on the other side.  All department heads and deans (in the SVES group of institutions) participate in this workshop.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of effective leadership in higher education
  • Identify and introspect on their leadership styles
  • Develop, motivate faculty & students through personal connection
  • Implement effective communication strategies with the faculty and students in their departments
  • Conduct effective faculty meetings
  • Discuss and finalize the elements of a faculty performance appraisal policy for their departments
  • Monitor effectively the elements of outcome-based education in their departments

Prof. Sivakumar Krishnan (Dean)
Dr. Sundarrajan Srinivasan (Director, SVES)
Invited external facilitator: Mr. Partha Mukherjee(Corporate leader, entrepreneur)